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Monday, 1 June 2009

Skirting the issue

I actually finished the pleated skirt in the gorgeous 'Lucy's Farm' material last weekend, while M was out getting burned on the golf course. Unfortunately I suffered a slight patience failure and ended up making a pig's ear of the waist band...
In the end I decided that I really should do it properly, and therefore spent a little time unpicking, swearing and finally finishing the skirt properly. Here it is, modeled on my parent's lawn:

I'm quite pleased with the result, seeing as it is my first go at a skirt. Some improvements could be made in the zip area, but on the whole I can imagine wearing it in public which is a good start.

Oo I was in store for a treat on Friday when I discovered a mysterious little wrapped package along with some items returned to me by the ever-creative and ever-lovely Flibbertygibbet. What could it be??

Yay, some very cute buttons for the lacy white socks I'm working on part-time at the moment. As soon as my swapsie bamboo scarf is done, I'll be on the case with them!

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