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Friday, 5 June 2009

Sew inspirational

Recently I had read about costumier Prangsta's dress-making course. It beckoned suggestively with promises of garment creation and re-fashioning all within their creative studio, under the tuition of their renowned tailors. Being a bit of a costume aficionado, as well as a wannabe clothing creator, I was so there. At least to have an inital look.
Having okayed a peek at the course via email, E and I were Deptford. After some initial confusion over the actual location of the class (mine) and saintly patience (E's) we made our way in the right direction down New Cross Road from the actual costume hire shop towards the studio.
Impressively, we found the studio fairly easily thanks to some friendly policemen and E's map, but it happened to be housed in a particularly scary warehouse on an every scarier trading estate.
Anyway, once we had plucked up the courage to open the huge metal door to 'B5', a pretty awesome sight awaited us: Stuff. Everywhere.
This picture gives a bit of an overview of the organised chaos:

We gaped and walked around for bit, realising that we were being totally ignored by the students who seemed engrossed in their various projects. Eventually it got a bit awkward, so we introduced ourselves to the lady doing the pinning below:

Pinning lady was awfully nice and told us of how all the Prangsta costumes are made in the studio before being transported to the shop for hire and sale. She also mentioned her passion for re-fashioning vintage items as it gave a better opportunity to work with great fabrics and more interesting garments. How amazing would it be to have that ability? I guess she must have been doing it for quite a while though.
I'm not sure if my photos quite manage to capture the sheer volume and randomness of the stuff in there, but perhaps it gives a bit of an idea at least.
Firstly, check out that fabric stash:

This dress was pretty amazing. I can only imagine that it will become more so as it grows:

Even the windowcills were crammed with inspiring stuff:

We managed to tear ourselves away eventually, after one last glace at the jumbled wonderfulness. Our final decision was however, that it wasn't quite for us. Most of the 'students' appeared to be more along the lines of fashion graduates who were quite happy to get on with it and perhaps ask for assistance and tips every now and then. I think we would need some more support.
Also, the location is not great. Whilst an inspiring studio, busting with creative stimulus scores them 10 out of 10 for fun, walking to Deptford station past dilapidated council estates and scruffy parks pretty much cancels that out.
I think we will carry on our search for places of sewing intruction, and pester G for help with our projects for the time being ;)


  1. If G's me then you know I'll gladly help :-) x

  2. Yay! You might live to regret that though... Xx