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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Noodolled up

This shopping extravaganza was actually brought to my attention through Instagram. Being rather an Insta-noob I was pleasantly surprised by a nice message from a friend suggesting I might go along to Noodoll Pound Town. Said friend is actually in Sweden so I felt it was only right for me to go along so that she might experience the sale vicariously. Totally selfless right?

I'm actually not too familiar with Noodoll, although I did recognise some of the characters, especially Ricepapa who is the dapper moustacheoed hamster. They are cute! They are colourful! Right up my street.

The sale took place at their teeny tiny creative studio which I totally managed to walk past, despite the obvious signage.

Right-ho then..

Cute mini shop by the lift:

So maybe I did go a *little* crazy with my purchases, but most of them will be Christmas gifts (promise).

Below is the loot: Cuddly Ricepapa, some notebooks, zippy cases and wide masking tape.

I also got a couple of posters for P's room:

I actually bought enough stuff to qualify for a free tote - bonus!

Phew, quite impressed with myself for starting Christmas shopping early. Although when there are cute bargain on offer it's really not that hard.