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Monday, 11 March 2013


The other day I realised I hadn't made biscuits in ages. This happily co-incided with M stating that he really fancied some 'sand cookies', which it turns out, are happily much like the sort of biscuits I used to make with my mum when I was little. And it was Mother's Day in the UK, so everything was aligned to create the perfect biscuit-making opportunity.

I ended up using this recipe, mainly because there were no eggs in the fridge. Anyhow, the dough began as lumpy worms:

Which later became lumpy, clingfilm-wrapped worm clusters chilling in the fridge:

From there on it was easy peasy chopping them into 1/2 cm slices and toasting them in the oven for 10mins.

Ah, I had forgotten the 1st Law of Biscuits: volumes can be overwhelming:

Oh well. Anyone fancy a cup of tea and a biccy or 10? In any case they went down well both at home and at work.

In more knitting related news, I had been looking for a decent knitted ear-warmer/headband to make for a friend's Birthday for ages when I stumbled across this one. 
It was pretty straightforward, but just a touch more challenging than it appeared. Enough to keep it interesting for sure. 

My NZ possum yarn rose to the occasion:

I think this will look better on the recipient, but obviously I had to try it just in case:


There's also neon pink lacy beret in the pipeline for another of the March Birthday kids. More of that next time.