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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bunnies & vacuum cleaners

Is it me, or does here seem to have been a slight explosion of all things Scandinavian? Food, clothing, interiors, packaging.. it's all gone stylishly minimalist. Even the mean streets of Surrey are getting a taste, as I discovered last time I was out that way and stumbled upon the new interiors shop Scandi Living near Hindhead.

In fact it was opening day, so it would have been rude not to go. Especially as they also boast a little cafe selling Swedish baked treats..

It turned out to be a very cute little place selling what I would judge to be the full range of Scandi-inspired interior bits: cushions, fabric, crockery, lamps, scarves etc, all in gloriously muted tones of blue, beige and cream. The things I loved most were probably the children's items though. Especially these super-cute cushions below:

 Before we left we of course had to get something for afternoon tea: proper cinnamon buns and a pair of vacuum cleaners:

Meanwhile in craft land: Making baby clothes is always fun, but I've realised that making baby toys is even better. The last week or so has been taken up by furiously knitting this little chap:

I have to say that he did look better once he got some clothes on:

Hence his pattern name 'Well-dressed Bunny'.

I actually had to re-knit his vest as the first one turned out waaay too big for some reason. Probably confirms what I've always suspected: I am a loose knitter ;)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Afternoon Tea in blue

Last weekend I finally got around to finishing Helen's highly enjoyable Afternoon Tea shawl.

The pattern is a pleasant combination of a simple lace body and a slightly more challenging lace trim.

The beauty of this pattern is also the fact that it is something of a stash-buster. I found some pretty variegated blue Malabrigo which was initially set aside for a pair of socks which never materialised. Perfect!

This Afternoon Tea is ear-marked as a present for a friend...perhaps along with a nice pack of tea and some shortbread.