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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bye-bye birdie

This birdie from MochiMochi has been in the metaphorical pipline for some time. All I needed was an excuse to make one.
In the end I thought he might brighten the day of a friend, so followed this pattern and free-styled the trimmings a little.

I didn't see the pipe-cleaner feet as strictly necessary, especially as he had no problem sitting up thanks to his lentil filling.

It did cross my mind that you could knit a great set of 'Angry Birds' characters with this pattern, and use this one for the pigs. All you'd need then is some wooden bricks and you'd be sorted! Hm, maybe one to plan for a Christmas present, circa 2020 (by which time no-one will remember what Angry Birds was).

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Radiance Revealed

Quite some time ago now, the talented Craft Actually published her very pretty Radiance pattern. I had never really given semi-circular shawls much of my attention before, but this one was different. This one had ruffles. This one had and attractive bands of varying pattern and texture. I was sold.

So it was from humble beginnings at Singapore Airport that my Radiance began it's development.

Worth noting that beautiful bright saffron colour which H decided to use for her first Radiance, while I nurtured my rebellious side and decided that my Radiance should be a contradictory BLACK. The selected super-fine yarn came from my adventures in Stockholm.

So after much work and just a couple of mistakes, Black Radiance was born. (Apologies for the atrocious blocking towels):

Just in time to complete my look for E's wedding:

The shawl went perfectly with the vintage dress nicked from my mum and slightly modified by me. Apparently she wore it to a wedding about 3o years ago, so I think it only fair that it get a second nuptial outing.