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Thursday, 22 October 2009


For M's sister's new arrival I thought it nice to create something a bit different. Seeing as I'd never cabled before, this appeared to be a good place to start.

Rowan Purelife Cotton was the obvious choice for this very environment-conscious mother, and it was surprisingly soft and pleasant to work with. Cabling was also thankfully easy one I got my head around it, and have now developed a rather unorthodox cabling-without-cable-needle technique after having left a certain key item at home when visiting my parents one weekend..
Hm, picking up stitches to do the edging is certainly not my forte, but I managed to fudge through and it looks acceptable.

Pearly buttons from the growing button stash:

And for comic effect:

Anyhow, it has now been sent off with M who is in Germany this weekend. Much more reliable than the current postal service I think.


I've wanted an excuse to make a fascinator for some time. The fact that I had no previous experience or skills to speak of was certainly secondary - I mean have I ever let that get in the way of previous craft projects? Certainly not.

L's wedding seemed the perfect opportunity to create something pretty, although the pressure was certainly on to make something wearable and suitable for such a sumptuous occasion on my first go.

So I sat down and surrounded myself with feathers, beads and glue to see what would evolve. After much ado, this happened:

I was keen to involve the birdy in some way, and in the end it obliged by hiding a glue splodge for me. Definitely need more co-ordination and care when it comes to attaching feathers in the future..

In the end I did wear my creation, and it managed to last through the day AND even survived the bouncy castle!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Bootie update!

M kindly sent some images of Lovisa kindly modeling the little booties, which I thought I should share.

Red is sooo her colour!

May they fit her for, oh, at least another week..