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Thursday, 15 September 2011

It's a wrap

I've had fun wire-wrapping jewellery for a number of years, but without any official instruction. When my friend C suggested we book the 'wire wrapped jewellery' course at Make Lounge last week, I saw this as a sign to stop fudging it and learn how to do it properly.

Our instructor was the ever-patient Tara who also teaches Design Technology to secondary school pupils (which I can only assume accounts to her infinite patience) and designs her own jewellery - more than qualified then, to teach a bunch of craftily inclined ladies over a glass of wine on a Wednesday evening.

We began by doing a series of test wrappings using the various tools and findings:

All pretty straightforward, so soon we were all crowded around the array of beads laid out for us to choose from in order to make our own projects. I tried not to drool too much.

Here were my chosen materials: pearls of various hues with 'antique gold' findings and chains:

Much wrapping later and I had what I wanted:

There was still a little time left over so I also swung together a long necklace with extra chain bits which I thought could be quite fetching:

Oh and I also took a cheeky snap of the instructions seeing as my brain seems to mainly consist of teflon nowadays:

A very nice and relaxed evening, and I certainly have my beading mojo back as well as my interest in Make Lounge. In fact I may be back very soon to try my hand at the various other classes they offer..

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Freddie Platypus

You may not know this, but some people's favourite animal is the Duck-billed Platypus. I actually saw one in captivity while in Australia and they certainly are fascinating creatures. Did you know, for example, that they have sharp spur on their hind foot which is also delivers venom? Awesome creatures indeed.

My colleague A recently left us to go on maternity leave, and it so happened that she is one of those people who love Platypuses. Well, it seemed obvious that I should knit her one of her own. Complete with dungarees.

In the end it turned out better than expected, as I found that this pattern was actually from a children's book created by Joanna Johnson. Of course I had to give her the book too.

So here is the finished Freddie hanging out on the balcony:

Has anyone seen Phineas & Ferb? Rather cute little Playtpus called Perry featuring in that too, albeit a funny teal colour..