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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Swift hat

This was a bit of an impulse project really. I saw it, liked it, bought the pattern and knitted it up over Easter. Quick, satisfying and super soft result using more of my leftover possum yarn.

Absurdly, wearing it makes me feel somewhat like a Taylor Swift wannabe - those cool kids with their slouchy hats, worn far back on the head and hair all over the place.

I think that the parody version of Swift's '22' suits me better than the original though! Oh yes, 32..

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

One present, two gifts

Wow, I wish it was like this all the time! I recently made the lovely A a beanie for her Birthday, a Cataleya hat in fact - a pattern by the talented H. A very beautiful pattern in a rather zingy shade of Wollmeise I might add. Just the thing to perk up the seemingly endless winter that appears to be upon us in the UK.

Only a couple of days later I was in for a treat from T, who gave me a beautiful cowl which is wonderfully snug and warm:

And only a few days after that M's mother gave me some very squishy and pretty hand knit socks as an Easter gift!

Wonderful to have so many people in my life who love the art of knitting :)