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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Making Good

Sounds a little like the opposite of Breaking Bad right? Well, you wouldn't be far off. I don't think you could get further from dodgy meth dealings than to entrepreneurial crafts fairs - although I suppose the 'entrepreneurial' part could be a slight overlap.. Anyway, enough musings.

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune not just to attend the MakeGood festival, but also help out Helen on her wonderful Curious Handmade stall. Helen has been a busy bee building up her knitting empire, founded on sheer passion, bucket fulls of talent and just a pinch of tireless determination.

So we found ourselves not only able to wander the other crafty stalls to our hearts content, but also help to sell Helen's beautiful pattern designs and generally natter with customers about knitting. It's a hard life.

Also worth noting that Helen won Unwind Brighton's prestigious award for best knitting pattern, as voted for by the fickle knitting masses. I'm currently working my way through 'Pebble Beach' so that I can wear it with pride to the Unwind event itself in just a couple of weeks.
It's been a while since I did any good yarn tourism, so Unwind seemed the perfect excuse. I won't be attending any of the classes, but will be listening to Ragga talk about Icelandic knitting which I'm rather looking forward to - oh and then there's the market place to check out of course..

 Because making things really is good for the soul!