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Monday, 29 June 2009

Cafe cultural

Last Friday, G and I visited the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery on Charlotte St. This was for two reasons: 1, it is basically on the doorstep of both our offices, and 2, it was showing the knitting (and crochet) genius of Kate Jenkins.

The little gallery had been temporarily transformed into Kate's Cafe, which actually worked quite well:

We entered, we gawped, we felt the 'want' factor. This was seriously impressive stuff. Here are some examples, but for the full effect have a look here.

Scales and everything!

Just as tasty-looking and only a fraction of the calories.


As if this wasn't enough excitement for one lunch time, I also introduced G to the lovely charity shops on Goodge Street. After raiding the button box, we browsed the rails for that elusive vintage find. G picked up a very sweet red dress with white polka dots which will look even cuter with the hem hitched up a little and the addition of some cute shoes and waist belt.

I tried on a long pink dress as *ahem* a bit of a joke, but after ascertaining that it would indeed not be out of place at the next White Mischief, I snapped it up for a fiver.

Am now toying with raising the hem a little and taming the out-of-control pouffy sleeves. Perhaps I could wear it outside of dress-up situations also? It will be an experiment for my as yet undeveloped alteration skills..

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