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Friday, 19 June 2009

No time for losers

Ok, it's about time I mentioned the iKnit Treasure Hunt. If you don't already know about it, there's a very sweet knitting shop just near Waterloo, on the attractively named Lower Marsh, called iKnit. It is run by two lovely gentlemen who go to applaudable lengths to develop and cater for the ever growing knitting community.

This year is the second time they have put together and hosted the iKnit Treasure Hunt for Worldwide Knit in Public Day, (13th June) and my gosh I can only imagine that it must have taken them rather a long time to plan..

Team WNKers assembled at the scene on Lower Marsh at 11:30am and sized up the opposition. There were about 30 teams in the end. Hm, this might not be as easy as we thought.
Armed with a map, a balloon (more on that later), cryptic questions and tasks to carry out, we had until 5pm to return triumphant. No pressure or anything.

So we spent a jolly afternoon chasing sheep around London and answering questions about their location (think statues and pictures rather than live woolly ones), trying to conjure up a celeb to knit with (a poster would have to do in the end), knitting with pigeons, knitting in a (smelly) phone box, knitting with a bobby etc.

We were especially chuffed with finding a Route Master to knit on and were in the middle of being smug and wondering where we could find a naked person to knit with (another challenge, rather than a whim of ours, by the way), when this happened:

I'll spare you the zoomed in ones.

Well, we couldn't has asked for better timing!

Oh and about the balloon.. Imagine that you had to keep a balloon safe for an entire day while traipsing around London. Imagine that the balloon was worth 5 bonus points which you would otherwise have to work *very* hard for to earn. Imagine a very annoying child in plaid with a pin.

We had no choice. Instinct took over. If he had not made an attempt on the life of our floating friend, we would have not acted as we did. As he forced our hand we will therefore take no responsibility for grabbing him around the neck and spraying half a bottle of water in his face. Effective, is all I can say.

Anyway, it was all worth it in the end as we took home the victory and the lovely prize of tickets to the National Theatre. Believe me, we deserved it - didn't we ladies? It was an honour to work with you.

If you would like to know in a little more detail what went on, please check out the lovely iKnit Blog

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