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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

In the pink

I remember my first experience at a haberdashers. I must have been about 10 and needed to get some fabric for a school sewing project. The store was located in the magical-sounding Haslemere, and I clearly recall the smell of the place and the fat rolls of materials piled up on shelves way out of my reach and oozing potential.
Unfortunately, my taste being that of a normal 10 year old, I chose some sky blue fabric with pink polar bears on. The shorts (complete with elasticated waist) which I later constructed out of it are best forgotten.

As I happened to be back in Haslemere last weekend, I decided to try and track down that
haberdashers where I got my first taste of the joys of fabric, but alas it seems that it is no more. I did however, find a satisfactory replacement in Baker & Sons.
In addition to some other 'essentials', this trio of strawberries and cream were crying out to become part of my burgeoning stash:

Yes, yes I know it's pink again. But look at it's floral loveliness? Also, it's *several* shades lighter than the magenta fabrics I have. Honest.
I'm thinking a pretty tea dress perhaps?

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