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Monday, 22 June 2009

Inadvertant bargain hunting

Like most people, I'm partial to a bit of a bargain. Last week I seemed to be tripping over opportunities to bag goodies at an almost negligible cost. Definitely not something to complain about.
The first opportunity arose whilst poking around a local charity shop on Goodge St. Nothing really caught my fancy until a lady asked the shop assistant to see the 'buttons and beads box' from under the counter. I was so there. After a little rummaging, I came away with the following haul:

All for a bargainous £1.80, although I did make it an even £2 seeing as it was for charidee.. Might stop by for a couple more of the big gold buttons at some point.

The next thriftful opportunity to be thrust upon me was the Accessorize and Monsoon sample sale which took place in a little Church next to Goodge St Station. My expectations were minimal, and probably with good reason. The place was utter carnage. I think it's fair to say that there was the same amount of stuff on the floor as on the tables and racks, but despite this I soldiered on.
After finally making it within grabbing distance one of the accessory tables, things improved considerably. In the end I came away with this lot:

Not bad for a total of £7. I think the diamante peacock brooch could look rather good on a hairband or fascinator. Long may the bargains continue.

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