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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Granny's wardrobe

What better way to pass some rainy hours in Sweden than to revisit some of the clothes I claimed from my late paternal grandmother.
She was a very particular sort of lady, believing that it was never acceptable to look less than well groomed and carefully clothed to a high standard.

I am lucky enough to have one of her party dresses:

Although it does not quite fit, and seems to have padding in odd places, the detailing in pearl, lace and crystal is exquisite. I would love to have it refitted one day as it seems a shame that such a pretty thing should go to waste.

Next it was time to get out the hat box! Just the box itself is cool:

I did try to take some pictures of myself in the hats, but it was too hilarious/embarrassing to publish I'm afraid. Also I have to admit that I have no idea how you would wear that thing with the blue feathers!

I do like the black one with the feathers and netting very much. I think it will have to travel with me back to the UK. The netting also needs replacing which would be a good project.
The one at the bottom right looks rather like a velvet flatfish with little flowers on it - again it is a bit of a mystery how one would wear this with dignity.

Finally, this very delicate swandown stole. It is soooo soft. There is some discolouration on the lining, but on the whole in very good condition. Am toying with the idea of wearing this to Ginger Lucy's big day later this year!

Ah the joy of vintage! I just wish I had the courage to wear more of it.

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