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Friday, 14 August 2009

Pretty things

I feel that I have perhaps over-indulged in pretty things recently, so what better way to alleviate the guilt, than to showcase them?

Firstly some bits from Sweden. I visited I cute yarn store in Bastad, but as with many Swedish yarn stores it is sadly still slightly stuck in the past and offered mainly naff cross stitch kits and acrylic yarn (it has 'cry' in it for a reason).
I did eventually find some nice variegated mohair mix which I fell for. I then visited one of the most chaotic second hand stores I have ever seen. Stuff. Everywhere. And there was that nasty damp smell that tends to make people think 'old clothes' as opposed to 'vintage'.
They did however have some cute fabric pieces and a length of lace trimming which made it home with me.

Bastads Hantverksmassa a.k.a. Bastad's annual craft fair was rather a disappointment in the yarn department. I did see an enormous pair of pants knitted out of (apparently) human hair, but I was too traumatised to take a picture.
Instead I fell for this rather sweet little knapsack by Mirkka which is a company specialising in recycling vintage fabrics into very attractive accessories. According to their website they also seem to sell second hand clothes and various other knick knacks.

This yarn is mainly from Sommerfuglen, which is a great yarn shop in Copenhagen. Hooray for finally discovering Danish yarn stores! I got some Mulberry Silk and a shade of the Lorna's Laces Pearl which I had been drooling over for a while. I told myself that it was, after all, cheaper to buy it there than pay for shipping from the US. Oh, and there was the instant gratification aspect too of course..

The outsider in this pic is the Rowan Cashmere which I actually bought at Liberty the other day while perusing their 'Prints Charming' exhibition. More on that in a later post.

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