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Friday, 14 August 2009

Prints Charming?

Personally I'm not so sure...
It started off well, with this rather cool facade make-over. Liberty does look rather fetching in it's new robe of 'Betsy' print!

Some well dressed dolls indeed!

This Liberty print clad Wendy House by Helen Benigson was also rather nice. Who wouldn't like this at the bottom of their garden as a creative studio shed?? I guess it would get a little soggy after a while though.. damn my practical inclination!

An overview of all the classic Liberty prints were also on show. A metre of each please!

Despite the innovative displays, I didn't feel much for the 'new' prints by designers I personally had hardly heard of. The colours (at least the ones I saw) were mainly muddy with weird patterns on. Am I too much of a die-hard traditionalist to expect even the new prints to be pretty?
Nah, let me at the classics instead. A bit of peacock and some florals and I'm happy!

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