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Monday, 13 July 2009

Wonderful World of Wiltons

The wonderful G has been doing a phenomenal job of promoting and supporting the worthy cause that is Wiltons Music Hall. It really is an exceptional place, which my poor photography does no justice:

I have had the pleasure of visiting Wiltons twice thus far, the first time for Wilton's Cinema Club: The Big Smoke - Films from a Lost London 1896-1945 and more recently for Tiny Wallop's Phantasmagorical Extravaganza. Both highly enjoyable, in very different ways!

The Big Smoke showed a black and white London full of horse drawn carriages, precariously loaded buses and the occasional honking car, oh and plucky pedestrians all over the place. It was very odd indeed taking in the backdrop of familiar builds and landmarks, while now-vintage fashion and machinery filled the foreground. Isn't it great to live in a city with such heritage!

Tiny Wallop's show was something of a departure from the passive experience of the Cinema Club. Who knew that there was be so much *duh, duh DUH* Audience Participation (cue creepy laugh). G has described is smashingly here, so I think I'll keep it short and sweet by saying that it very much reminded me of the SpyMonkey play which L and I went to see some time ago. Think Monty Python meets Carry On. Very silly, but also very funny if you're in the mood for letting your barriers down and having a good laugh! No remote control pheasant in this one though, which was the only disappointment...

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