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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Belated Ishbel

So I've finally conquered my fear of lacy shawls - by knitting a wee one. Actually it wasn't that hard, I just had to engage my brain and concentrate for more than five minutes at a time.
That's not so say that there wasn't a bit of 'un-knitting' going on, but on the whole Ishbel (from Ysolda's 'Whimsical Little knits') was kind to me.
Here it is hanging out at my parent's place:

I guess it helped to be knitting with some gorgeous Wollmeise in the shade 'My Old Blue Jeans'. I swear that just a sniff of that Perwoll is enough to keep you going! Either it's a coincidence or Wollmeise understands the power of sensory branding. Or it's just my yarn fetish playing up.
Draping suggestion:

Anyway, what also spurred me on was the fact that it was a late Birthday present for lovely L so will need shipping across the Atlantic which is always time-consuming.. Actually, I also need one more thing to add to the package. Will update once it has been acquired!

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