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Monday, 9 August 2010

Don't be a sinner, be a pinner!

Damn you Springwise, for bringing to my attention the pretty wares of Cloud 9 Fabrics! I'm sure some of you will have heard me wittering on about a couple of particular prints, and after (not much) deliberation I decided to make it my mission to acquire some.

(Un)fortunately Cloud 9 made it rather easy for me to find a nearby UK distributor, in the form of Saints and Pinners - can you think of a better name for a fabric shop?!
About two days after my order, this charming package arrived for my delectation:

Now I *know* I'm in love. Cute packaging, with or without a bonus lollipop/free product sample/sweet message gets me every time.

The contents: Let me introduce Sandpiper and Coral Weed.

Ready for their close-up:

Sandpiper might become this dress when it grows up, while Coral Weed will become something along the lines of this one. We will see. In the meantime, I am quite happy just to look at them as they are and then curse as I try to wedge them in the cupboard with the rest of the fabric stash..

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