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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Once upon a time there was a group of young ladies who liked nothing more than to while away happy hours in the company of beautiful threads from which they would craft exquisite creations with their skillful needles.
One day word came of a new breed of threads, which was said to transfix the viewer and put them in hypnotic state due to it's vibrant colours. The soft texture, it was said, would make anyone who touched it unable to bear the thought of putting it down again.
The ladies were able to come by the new commodity only through much dedication, time and casting their social nets wide. Even then, the fruits of their labour was paltry. It was decided that a quest for the threads must be undertaken, to venture to foreign climes in the hope of catching a glimpse of the woolen gold. And thus the journey to Sindelfingen was begun...

So our intrepid team set off for the unknown wilds of Germany. Here is where it started in earnest, although some would say that the key scene was the evening before when we tracked down the Wollmeise team and asked if we could arrive a little early to peruse the wares. We were indeed allowed.


The stall itself was very pretty, helped along of course by the abundance tantalizing yarn colours. The washing line of socks was particularly impressive.

Things got a little hectic soon after our arrival. We were the only little group there, but the colours and choice were pretty overwhelming. It was hard not to WANT ALL OF IT.

After our locust-like invasion, the lace basket looked like this. A rather sad sight. It was, however, re-filled a couple of times so no need to feel (too) guilty.

After we had had our fill of WM (for that day in any case), we pressed on to the Opal yarn factory store. This odd wheel greeted us on the way in, slightly reminiscent of some kind of wool-clad torture device.

We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the factory itself, but unfortunately this was not to be. We simply had to console ourselves with the mass of stock which greeted us in-store. We were a little worried that we could be tired of yarn at this stage, but we soon discovered that our hunger for yarn could never be sated. Or at least not that easily.

So, what was the final haul for the day? First Vollmeise sock yarn in some wonderful colours:

Some mouth-watering lace (complete with a 'wollmeise' and a 'rohrspatz' to make them feel at home):

Some self-striping yarn from Opal, plus a baby skein for free!

As I am not so snobby when it comes to yarn, this wool/viscose mix got to come home with me too:

Ah, how could I forget! The Opa socks were also delivered to Opa Ernst in time for his Birthday and he was well pleased with the result.

So there you have it. Our adventure got the fairytale ending we were hoping for. When's the next trip girls?

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