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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Kitty madness

Ok, I probably like Hello Kitty as much as the next person but when said mouthless cat is combined with Liberty print fabric and made *limited edition*, that somehow counts as a 'must have' in my mind. Hence Friday's impulse trip to Liberty.

Sign says: "We've joined forces with every girl's best feline-featured friend Hello Kitty, who has invaded our iconic Liberty floral prints as part of this exciting collaboration. The result is five gorgeous fabric patterns in eight colour ways. The Hello Kitty Liberty Art Fabric is exclusive to Liberty."

Liberty has always had a special place in my heart (that oak panelling, those balustrades, that lovely flower-shop entrance), even though I hardly ever have occasion to go there on account of their slightly out-of-my-league prices. Even when they shrunk their haberdashery section for no apparent reason, I still forgave them (I'm not forgiving John Lewis though - what were you people thinking?! Crafty people DO NOT want to share floor-space with crap for children!!).
So although I have yet to buy an actual item of clothing from Liberty, I have been known to moon around the yarn, ribbons and fabric, occasionally treating myself. Well, now it was time again.

Not surprisingly, the fabric had proved quite popular despite having only landed last Sunday:

I was after the 'apple' prints which I eventually found in both colours on a cutting table. After some agonising minutes, I decided to go for a metre of each as I just couldn't decide between the pink and blue.

I made it home without one of these though:

Or any of this, cute as it was:

So here's the swag:

And in close-up:

The idea is that these eventually are manipulated into boxy, zipped project bags a bit like the one made for D a while back. Well that's the idea anyway. I may just drape it somewhere prominent and marvel at it's prettiness..

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