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Saturday, 1 October 2011

P.E. and the Bunny Nuggets

So it was E's Birthday and I was feeling crafty (and for once I actually had enough time to make something without giving myself a stress-related hernia). I recently stumbled upon this little pajama eater pattern, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

One magenta zip purchase later I was ready to get started! The pattern was fun and easy to do, leaving me with one creepy/cute creature. Let's call him P.E.

Obviously my creative urge wasn't completely sated, as I then decided that E needed a *knitted* Birthday card in the form of a Bunny Nugget. And I decided that M needed a one too, as he usually looks enviously at all the knitted animals that are hastily wrapped up and rushed out of the door to live with one friend or another.

Introducing the Bunny Nuggets:

And here is P.E. with the Nuggets:

They seem to like each other:

Ha ha, yes it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye isn't it?

It was almost a shame to separate them, but E seemed happy with her gifts so it was all worthwhile. M also seems very attached to his new knitted companion which keeps cropping up in various places in the flat when you least expect it...


  1. I LOVE THEM! (Capital letters necessary) and have already had to defend P.E against the advances of one husband who thinks he would be much better suited to eating boy pyjamas than girl ones. xx

  2. But girl pyjamas are obviously much more tasty! So glad you like them, they were really fun to make :)