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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sew pretty

It was another very relaxing weekend, spent with my parents in the country, but this time there was a crafting bonus. My dear granny has recently moved out of her old house in Sweden and into a nearby care home. She seems to have settled in well, and only occasionally moans about being made to go for walks with 'oldies' and being served new fangled food like lasagna.

In any case, my granny was known for creating an old crochet bathrobe or two in her youth (my sisters were the lucky recipients) and hence had a trove of crafty bits and bobs in her basement. My mother very kindly gathered some of them together for me and brought them back to the UK. Apparently there was also a considerable fabric stash, so it was probably lucky that I was not there for the clean-out or I might have ended up exploding the already burgeoning sideboard in my flat.

More pretty-coloured threads to add to my sewing box, as well as some interesting woolen tapestry (?) thread:

Even more thread!

Some rather cool trimming which I'm scheming what to do with..

Lots of BUTTONS! I have now managed to fill my recycled gherkin jar to the top!

These tiny frames originally hung on a little tree made of similar material and showed pictures of my sisters, brother, cousin and myself. Maybe I can think of something Victoriana to make with them..

As a bit of a thank-you I have sent her a pair of cabled cashmere wristwarmers which I finished over the weekend (and of course forgot to photograph).
From one crafty soul to another.

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