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Monday, 23 November 2009

Creative cupcakes

Anyone who knows me will be aware of my affinity for the dear old cupcake. Oreo cupcakes, buttercream-topped cupcakes, cupcakes with iced cacti and chili peppers - I have done it all. Not exactly with a professional hand, but with just enough enthusiasm to make up for any fudging.

So when offered a chance to learn some more advanced decorating skills, well it was a no-brainer really. We met with the lovely Arianna of Bittersweet Bakers at her cosy flat and were promptly given a small bowl (to call it a 'cup' would be an insult) of tea and cheesecake brownies to get us in the mood - it was hard to imagine a more promising start.

After a quick intro, we sat down at the table and tried not to ogle the array of decorating paraphernalia which was spread before us. Edible glitter! In over 10 different shades! Sprinkles in the shape of red lips, hearts, gingerbread men, butterflies and flowers danced before our dazzled eyes. There were even edible *pearls*! Ok ladies, breathe..

We managed to contain our excitement and concentrated on piping royal icing, which we created in eye-popping colours. We were never much for subtlety.

This was followed by tips of how to colour and spread buttercream icing - the vanilla scent of it was most enticing. We also resisted to urge to stick our fingers into the soft, shiny chocolate ganache.

Finally it was time to try some piping. Piping was good. In fact it was hard to stop. But then I remembered the edible glitter. Here are some of my decoration-encrusted creations.

I have a feeling that we will be back for more very soon. Thanks to Arianna for a gorgeous afternoon!

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