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Monday, 10 October 2016

So it's been a while..

Two years and a toddler later I feel, for various reasons, that it's time to put on my blogging hat again. Rest assured that I have not been idle on the creative front these last couple of years. In fact I am proud of the fact that I can now add crochet to my list of craft skills, mainly thanks to this book. I can make amigurumis!!

So how better to kick off than a round up of my creative output since September 2014?

First the knits:

This toasty hat wasn't actually for my own little dragon, but I managed to convince him to model it for the purpose of checking fit (not at all for fun. At all.)

Mittens for all the NCT kittens! I believe I used a pattern from this book and just played with the colour variations.

I couldn't resist this hat for my own little one - although the dorsal shark fin was a little floppy..

One of my fave Rebecca Danger patterns of all time! This one was for me and my little monster.

Emotional, but without the sap. This was a recent Birthday present for my other half.

Then the crochets:

Foxy! My first proper crochet project. Unfortunately in all the excitement I forgot which pattern this is. Will update if I find it in my pile of pattern print-outs.

Monkichi and Pochacco from Hello Kitty Crochet. Words cannot quite describe how much I love this book.

Getting a bit more adventurous and created this beastie for a friend's little one.

Frog feet for a new baby.

Some crochet Hello Kittys created in time for a visit to the Cutter & Squidge Hello Kitty afternoon tea pop-up.

Frenchie bunny for a friend's baby shower.

Deery-Lou and Keroppi for M's nephew and niece.

Norman the narhahl for a friend.

Oh and one of my faves; Batman! And yes, you can remove his super-pants incase you were wondering..

So there you go. That's a quick recap of (most) stuff I've been up to creatively. Hoping that more posts will follow soon..

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