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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Jumper round

Yes it is time to celebrate as I have finally finished my first jumper! Even though I'll admit that it will only fit a seven year old - and yes that was the intention.
The Happy Sweater is yet another creation by prolific Norwegian knitter and knit store owner Pickles who has made so many delightful designs, especially for children. I like the way that the patterns are uncomplicated and the results look wonderfully textured and just a little bit old fashioned. These are clothes for kids, not little adults.
So this little jumper went to M's nephew for Christmas and I believe it has found a good home.

However, M also has a niece so what better than to send her a similar gift but make it in the form of a knitted dress.

This pattern had me slightly riled as it was supposed to be for a 2 year old, but although I followed the instructions for this sizing it somehow ended up humongous. Thankfully I had the bright idea to add the little 'belt' to gather the dress a little and give it a bit more shape. You'll also note that I decided to add buttons the front incase the size was a little too big still, so that the shoulder straps could be crossed at the back if necessary and buttoned in place.

Anyway, it seems it was all worth the effort, and as a bonus I can say that I have officially finished a jumper :)

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