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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Whoopie it's Halloween!

It all started with a fairly innocuous workplace challenge: every team gets a pumpkin, and gets to do with it what they will. Judging takes place at 2pm, this spooky Halloween Thursday.
By Tuesday our pumpkin was still in tact. Something had to be done.

Earlier in the week, someone sent around an email about food waste. This got me thinking. All those Halloween pumpkins are bought, carved and essentially thrown away. How's that for food waste?!

What if you could make something a bit different (and useful) out of pumpkin flesh?

What if you made whoopie pies?

So after Martha Stuart (controversial I know) supplied this recipe, it was really just a matter of using some tricks to turn this pumpkin into a treat.


During (Part 1):

During (Part 2):

After! Complete with clip art mash-up and patronising note about food waste :)

Ok, so we didn't win any of the awards but the pies went down a treat and everyone was most appreciative - which to be honest, was the most important thing anyway!

Happy Halloween!

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