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Monday, 29 October 2012

Gloved up

Oh hai! Yes, I've been busy knitting again and since the last post two more pairs of gloves have come into this world: Lacey Long Gloves from the book 'Love to Knit' and Lacey Wristers.

First the Lacey Long Gloves:

Essentially a fairly straightforward pattern but I found this, as with many other patterns in the book, written in a slightly illogical way. Why say 'work another 52 rows'? Why not say 'repeat lace pattern 5 times'? I'm no maths whizz, so it does take me a bit of time to work these things out. And also, who makes sock patterns that involve seaming? Why??

Anyway, enough rant and onto the next project, the Wristers:

Also quite straightforward, especially as the pattern is only on one side of the gloves. Can't help thinking that this pattern has a sort of 'elegant emo' look about it. Especially in black.

Ok, so I'm on roll. Next project please, before I run out of steam!

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