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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

In the Loop

It's 10:45am on a Saturday morning - why on Earth are all these people queuing? Is Apple releasing their iPhone 4 early?

Oh no. Something much more important: Loop was about to open it's new store in Islington. Who needs Apple, when you can go bananas over yarn?

After an impatient wait, the door was thrown open and the hoards invaded (pausing only to grab a goody bag):

Despite my love of knitting, I am hardly what I would call a yarn expert. I will therefore refrain from trying to rack my brains remembering exactly what was in the goody bag, although Old Maiden Aunt and something resembling Opal sock yarn springs to mind. In any case I make no secret of being a shameless fan of free stuff so thank you Loop for the generous freebie! Oh and there was cake.

Loop has always been a very pretty shop, but the new store is even more of a haven for those of a knitterly persuasion. Two floors chock full of yarn gorgeousness, and there are even sofas if it all gets a bit much.

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  1. I have a sign saying SMUG floating above my head!