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Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Last Friday my colleague C left to begin maternity leave. For once I was prepared!
C has never struck me as someone who would want to faff with hand washing oh-so-soft but oh-so-impractical little baby garments. She also has a very cute and well-behaved black Labrador called Bramble who we all adore. He occasionally visits us in the office, sniffing his way under desks and checking out the biscuits on offer before finally curling up behind someone's wheely desk chair and running the risk of having his paws flattened.

So all I needed was to find the perfect dog pattern.. Ravely obliged me by suggesting Rebecca Danger's cute 'Doxie'. I had to refrain from the plastic eyes and nose though, in case the baby were to ever grab it, instead opting for an embroidered nose and leather eyes.

Here he is off the leash in my parent's garden:

And posing with collar in more urban digs:

He seems to have a fan club already. M (who will be the next colleague to go on maternity) has subtly hinted that she would like a Doxie of her own..

C seems pleased anyway, which makes me happy! Her testimonial: "Lotta your knitted dog is just gorgeous and worryingly Bramble is eyeing it up already, so it's hidden away in a drawer till I buy a dog proof play-pen."

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  1. Catherine Bedford23 June 2010 at 00:14

    Just to update Mr Bramble Doxie now has shelf in the newly decorated nursery where he has pride of place as first (and only) toy, waiting for the new arrival......
    Hope to be able to post a photo of him and his new owner in the coming weeks! x