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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Easy to please

Yesterday the office was all a-flutter as a very posh-looking mint green bag from Laudree was hand-delivered, as a thank you for featuring them in our latest report. After much ado, a baby blue box was retrieved from the interior of the bag and a rainbow of macaroons uncovered. A crescendo of excitement! Just looking at them makes me smile.ViewLondon offered the following enlightening comment: "Of particular note is the simple dark chocolate macaroon, that’s sickeningly sweet yet surprisingly accessible – like a gourmet cookie without the heaviness." I find it amusing that a macaroon could be described as 'accessible', especially as it begs the question of what an 'in-accessible' macaroon would be like. Any suggestions?

To me they tasted perfect, and it struck me that girls are not so hard to please after all.

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