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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Poundshop flop

Urgh, two months without internet has been painful to say the least. The recent move has also meant that any spare time has mainly been spent playing cardboard box Tetris in the living room or trying not to kill people in IKEA. Thankfully creativity hasn't ground to a complete halt however.

You may have heard of the Poundshop initiative at Selfridges? Well a couple of months ago they were asking for submissions for items to sell, so I scratched my head and considered the possibilities. As the items were going to retail at only £1, it was essential that the product itself cost much less than this to create. Not an easy task when it comes to hand-crafting something that should actually be desirable.

In the end I got some inspiration from the ever productive and Purl Bee and decided to tweak the concept slightly by using leather of contrasting colours rather than felt fabric.
After some faffing and experimentation, I had my prototype made:

So off it went.

A couple of weeks later, I unfortunately got the note that my item had not been chosen for the Poundshop. A bit disappointing I suppose, but to be honest I was happy just to have been able to think of something vaguely suitable and submit it before the deadline!

PS: Now you're all getting hair accessories for Christmas ;)

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