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Monday, 7 May 2012

And it was all yellow (and orange)

 'Prairie' is finally complete - thanks to some reassurance from the knitting ladies. Here blocking:

It's turned out surprisingly big; more a full grown shawl than a shawlette. Still, I'm not complaining and really love the colour. My mustard obsession seems be lasting longer than expected. 
Here she is chilling out by the aga.

To balance out all that yellow, it was time for some orange. Orange and almond cake to be exact. This recipe results in a super-dense, super-moist cake and I have a feeling that the secret lies in boiling two oranges for two hours before pureeing them (pips removed) and dumping into the batter.
So the benefit is two-fold: your home in infused with orange fragrance, and you have a decadent cake to indulge in.

It goes surprisingly well with custard..

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