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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Birthday beauties

 Ah, Birthdays are awesome. Although I must admit that they seem to sneak up on me faster and faster every year. Still, the excuse to catch up with friends and spend some quality time is always great. Oh and the presents of course...

A couple of months back, L and I decided to undertake one of our crafty swaps again. I sewed one of my boxy zipped bags, in exchange for these super-cute flamingo gloves. Fair Isle still seems beyond me, despite taking that class at Knit Nation.

So you can imagine my delight when these beauties arrived:

Love the kitschy colours! But that was not all.. L had very sweetly included a Birthday pressie for me too:

Note the symmetrical nature of the shawl, which enables you to properly sweep it around yourself without it falling off again. The tweedy look is lovely, and the extra 'arm' drapes very prettily when worn.

Spoiled again this year :)


  1. Tack tack tack för beröm! Tror det kommer att bli fler byten i framtiden =) /L