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Monday, 6 December 2010

Ice Queen & the Forgotten Cowl

Ah 'tis the season for Secret Santa! I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful lace cowl from T last week at our knitting Christmas dinner.

A beautiful specimen of Ice Queen:

It is already a staple in my wardrobe as the cold snap persists.

In fact I usually wear it underneath this chunky seeded cowl, which I admit I was intending to give away for Christmas. Alas it proved much too snuggly and warm so I decided to be selfish. In fact I started wearing it as soon as it was finished and hence completely forgot to (b)log it..

I have no idea what that piece of rubbish under the chair is either.

Looks almost like chain-mail.

Although it sometimes feels as though I'm wearing a neck-brace with these two around my neck, the warmth is just amazing.

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